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Lock Washer Categories

Lock Washer Categories

Knapp Fasteners Inc.

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There are many different types and styles of lock washers. Below are just a few of the most common types.

Split Lock Washers

Also known as helical spring lock washers, this is the most common type of lock washer. Once tightened, the spring action creates resistance to motion. These are best used with smaller weight loads. There is also a high-collar type which is similar but has a smaller outside diameter which is designed to fit under socket cap screws.

External Tooth Lock Washers

External washers are sometimes referred to as star washers. These washers have teeth on the outside of the washer which bite into the work surface. They work best with wide-headed screws and have a stronger hold than internal tooth lock washers. There are also countersunk washers which have flexed external teeth.

Internal Tooth Lock Washers

This type of washer has teeth on the inside of the washer which bites into the screw or nut. Typically, these are used in electrical components.

Internal & External Tooth Lock Washers

This is a lock washer which has teeth on the inside and outside of the washer to get the benefits of both int and ext washers.

Wedge Lock Washers

These use a wedge-locking technology which remains tightened under severe vibration and dynamic loads. It’s a pair of washers which have cams in between and serrations to ensure it doesn’t unintentionally loosen. We can provide Nord-Lock, Disc-Lock, or equivalents.

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