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Types of Anchors

Types of Anchors

Anchors are used to secure objects to a surface using a safe and strong hold. The goal is to fasten objects together, usually permanently but sometimes temporarily. Typically, they’re used in ceilings, floors, and most commonly walls. They secure and stabilize a base for a screw or bolt to be inserted. This is done so by expanding the material it is being inserted into (IE drywall or concrete) as the screw is being tightened.

Some of the types of anchors include:

  • Drop-in Anchors
  • Expansion Shields
  • Hollow Wall Anchors
  • Lead Screw Anchors
  • Masonry Screws
  • Nail-in Anchors
  • Nylon Grip Plug
  • Plastic Anchors
  • Self Drilling Zip Anchors
  • Sleeve Anchors
  • Toggle Anchors
  • Wedge Anchors

Dependent on your application including the material being drilled into, you will be using a different type of anchor. Wedge anchors are one of the most common types used to secure heavy objects in concrete. These are made with two different pieces including a bolt and an expander wedge. The hole needs to be pre-drilled and then the anchor can be inserted into the hole and tightened with a wrench which causes the ‘wedge’ to expand against the walls of the hole.

Another common type of anchors are toggle bolts. These are used in drywall or plaster. The hole must be pre-drilled and then once the toggle is folded against the bolt, it can be inserted. After insertion, it will spring open behind the wall to create a stable hold after the screw is installed.

Drop-in anchors are also quite popular. These have a steel sleeve which have internal threads. Once it’s inserted into a pre-drilled hole, the anchor can be tapped into place until it’s flush with the surface. Then a bolt can be threaded in and tightened to secure it.

We sell anchors in all types of materials and plating options. See just some of the options we can provide here. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, please reach out to our sales team for assistance!