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Tamper Resistant Fasteners

Tamper Resistant Fasteners

Knapp Fasteners Inc.

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Tamper resistant products are all around us! They are often used in settings such as airplanes, public washrooms, prisons, and the list goes on. Anywhere that you wouldn’t want someone to easily be able to remove it, you should use a tamper resistant product. Just as with standard screws, you use a different bit or tool specific to the drive style of the screw. Some of these screws require a special tool for installation, whereas some of them can be installed with a standard screwdriver. Regardless of the installation tool, all of them require a specialty tool or special process to remove.

Tamper resistant screws are often referred to as security screws or anti-theft screws. The term tamper proof is commonly used interchangeably with tamper resistant. However, there is a difference. Tamper proof is much more difficult to remove than tamper resistant screws are. Tamper proof often requires cutting or drilling the screw out to remove it. Whereas tamper resistant products usually have a tool that can be used to remove it.

Types of Drives

Below are some of the most common security drives. Including spanner (aka snake eyes or pig nose), hex socket, one way slotted, torx/6-lobe, phillips, tri-wing, tri-groove/tampruf, external pentagon (aka 5 point screw/penta bolt), and external hex.

Types of Tamper Resistant Screws

There are different types of screws available with tamper resistant drives. Certain types of screws are more likely to have specific drives. For example, tamper resistant machine screws commonly have a button or flat head with a torx drive. However, we can also provide machine screws with other drives and head styles. These are the types of screws that are available:

  • Machine screws
  • Self drilling screws
  • Sheet metal screws
  • Socket cap screws – button, flat, flanged button, hex sockets
  • Thread cutting screws

Types of Tamper Resistant Nuts

Tamper resistant or anti-theft nuts are available in different styles, materials, and plating options. Some of the types available are:

  • Break away nuts
  • Sleeve aka barrel nuts
  • Spanner nuts
  • Tri-groove/Tampruf nuts

See all of our tamper resistant screws and nuts available now. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or need more information, please reach out to our sales team.