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John Deere Adds Planted Liquid Fertilizer Improvements

John Deere Adds Planted Liquid Fertilizer Improvements

To improve efficiency, John Deere has added planted liquid fertilizer improvements.

Growers who wish to apply high rates of liquid fertilizer while limiting replenishment stops will like Deere’s new model year 2022 planters. These new planters include the company’s ExactRate technology. To avoid the need for add-on tanks, special piping systems, and multiples suppliers, the setup checks and regulates the operation of liquid fertilizer during planting.

The liquid fertilizer solution for tractors and planters includes integrated 3785 litre ExactRate tractor tanks for 8RX tractors, which may be combined with a new Deere planter for a total fluid capacity of 6057 litres.

The planter’s new factory-installed fluid tanks have a capacity of 2,271 litres and are equipped with air-bleed and overflow protection. The capacity of the planter’s seed tanks will be raised by 30% to 130 bushels to extend the period between fills and reduce tendering.

According to Kevin Juhl, marketing manager for John Deere, the planter-tractor combo “is an evolutionary planting solution that can increase capacity, minimize soil compaction, and precisely place seed and fertilizer.” It also implies that between fills, growers may plant up to 80 acres of corn, he adds.

On Deere 2022 planters, seed tank capacity will increase 30 percent from previous models. Deere claims that orders for its new planters will begin taking place in summer 2021.

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